Are you a high-level professional looking to leverage your unique skills into a successful and sustainable consulting or coaching practice?

Look no further than
Trusted Advisors!

50% of new businesses fail, so why not plan to be part of the 50% that succeed?

Our team of experts provides the tools and resources you need for success, Don’t go it alone in creating your own consulting or coaching business. Let Trusted Advisors guide you down the proven path to success.

10,000 Hours

Malcolm Gladwell (author of Outliers) says that it takes a commitment of 10,000 hours to become an expert in any area. To date, the Trusted team has 180,000 hours of experience to help accelerate your success.

Who Is
Trusted Advisors?

Trusted Advisors is the first choice among professionals for assistance in creating and building successful consulting or coaching practices. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals build successful and sustainable coaching and consulting businesses over the last 40 years.

Our model, methodologies, and network were created in 1978 and have grown exponentially throughout our history. We became Trusted Advisors in 2018 to protect the model’s integrity, methodologies, and network.


Years of Success

Who We Help

We work with professionals who want to serve and make a difference for their clients while growing their practice. They enjoy collaborating with peers, sharing best practices, and being part of a community. We are a terrible fit for anyone who believes they have it all figured out, is not interested in growing, or cannot connect positively with others.

Why This Works

We know starting or scaling a consulting or coaching practice can be challenging. You may need help with marketing and client generation. It would be best to have mentorship from a designated coach and peers. It would be best to have support to focus on return on investment-producing activities. We have spent years working with and learning from high performers in the consulting space while building a methodology that we know works. We focus on the areas critical to building a sustainable consulting or coaching practice.

Our Proven Tools

You can access an extensive library of clients’ tools as a consultant or coach affiliated with Trusted Advisors. These tools are created for our consultants to use in their client work and are proven to achieve measurable results. They are fully customizable to tailor results specific to each of your clients. Our consultants tell us the existing tools save them valuable time and allow them to focus on getting their clients the desired results. We have created tools that focus on the critical areas of every organization: strategy, talent development, process excellence, and customer loyalty.

Our consultants and coaches appreciate the Trusted Advisors’ commitment to keeping the tools and services current and relevant, and they equally understand the ability to be part of that continuous improvement process.

The Steps To Alignment

  1. Step One

    Introduction-Discovery Conversations

  2. Step Two

    Mutual Evaluation

  3. Step Three

    Tool Review Link

  4. Step Four

    Preliminary Business Plan

The Investment

To align with Trusted Advisors, the investment starts at 15,000.00 and will not exceed 20,000.00 and is a one-time investment. The investment includes everything you need to get started, such as the initial training, marketing access, business branding, etc.