6 Tips For Staging A Good Coaching Experience

Preparation for a very important business meeting

Think about the last concert you attended. You walked in, found your seat, the lights went down, and then BAM! You were hit in the face with a wonderful experience that you’ll remember the rest of your life.

If you want your PBC’s (Person Being Coached) to experience the same feeling, you need to take a closer look at what went on behind the scenes BEFORE you sat down at that concert.

How can you, as a coach, set the stage for that positive experience? Here are 6 tips to get you there:

  1. Show Up For Every Session

Now we don’t mean be on time (although that’s important, too!). We mean really be there for your clients. We mean be tuned in to your clients and focused on the task at hand … helping them have the time of their life that they’ll remember well into the future.

  1. Set The Stage

Prepare for your coaching sessions following standard facilitation preparation rules … for every hour you’ll coach, spend an hour preparing. (And you don’t have the luxury of ‘roadies’ to do it for you!) Don’t dial in your coaching. Take the time to prepare yourself and your PBC by having them complete a ‘Week in Review’ form prior to your scheduled session. Make sure you weave a review of that form into your preparation schedule.

  1. All Eyes Are On You

Your PBC is coming to you for help. They have some situation in their life they’re trying to solve, overcome, or move toward. They’re watching you. They want to know how you make things look so easy. They want to see you practice what you preach. Do you?

  1. Turn on the Mic, But Only When You Have To

Coaching isn’t about the words you say … it’s about the questions you ask. Many coaches persist in being ‘experts’ and experts like to share. Your job as a coach is not to take the limelight, but to shine the spotlight on your PBC. Teaching them how to shine should be your goal.

  1. Be Up Especially When Your PBC is Down

Again, your PBC is coming to you for help. They will have down moments. Expect them. They will go through some type of storming process as you’re trying to teach them new concepts and ways of working and thinking about themselves. You need to bring all of your positive energy to the table as you coach. It will be contagious. Be generous … let them take that energy along when they leave you.

  1. Enjoy The Show

Coaching is serious business but be sure you leave your PBC’s with a song in their heart. Before you leave every session, sum up and review at least one action your client will take with them. Strive to find something memorable and actionable.

Follow these 6 simple steps to ensure your clients enjoy their coaching experience as much as you enjoyed your favorite concert.

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