7 Effective Tips to Keep Your Employees Satisfied

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Is your company struggling with employee turnover numbers? Here are a few effective tips to keep your employees satisfied!

1. Work on your hiring process

You need to make sure that your hiring process is bringing you the right people. If you don’t hire the people that fit the company and their roles, they are very likely to leave the company sooner or later. Make sure you clearly state the nature and responsibilities of their role. Use the interview stages to find people who will fit not only the job description but also your company’s culture.

2. Offer market-competitive salaries and benefits

No one wants to leave a workplace that offers excellent compensation and benefits. Make sure you’re offering market competitive or higher salaries to your employees. Consider offering extra benefits that aren’t offered by your competitors in the industry. This may sound like an obvious tip, but many companies ignore this fundamental step.

3. Reward hard work

It’s important to recognize and reward hard work. If employees don’t feel like their work is being seen or appreciated, they will be more inclined to leave. Make sure you celebrate their successes and growth and reward them with tangible benefits. This will develop loyalty in your employees and make them stay with your company for a very long time.

4. Offer flexibility

Today, employees want to work with companies that allow them to have a great work/life balance. This is one of the biggest factors that affects employee retention or turnover. You need to make sure that you offer flexibility to your employees. As long as they are fulfilling their responsibilities adequately, you should offer flexibility over working hours and location.

5. Work on engagement

Don’t limit your engagement activities to annual engagement surveys. Listen to your employees and work as per their feedback. You need to create a culture of engagement that is witnessed throughout the year instead of once in a blue moon. Engagement activities help employees create bonds with their co-workers which contributes to their happiness and satisfaction at the workplace.

6. Offer opportunities for growth

Lack of growth opportunities is one of the top reasons why employees leave their companies. If they think that they are not advancing their career while working at your company, they are very likely to leave. If you don’t offer development and growth opportunities for your employees, they will feel like you don’t want to invest in them, and no employee stays at such a company for very long.

7. Provide a sense of purpose

The main factor that ensures employee happiness and satisfaction is the sense of purpose in their work. If the employee believes their work doesn’t matter, or they aren’t serving a purpose, they will not feel satisfied with their job. Make sure you offer a vision and a sense of purpose to your workforce that keeps them connected to your organization for years to come.

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  1. Jerry Houston

    Outstanding suggestions. Ties in exactly to what we share with clients. Purpose is especially critical to communicate and gain buy-in.

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