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Learn what a Fail-Safe Leadership Assessment is and why organizations should take it.

What is a Fail-Safe Leadership Assessment?

Fail-Safe Leadership advances a results-based definition of leadership. It demonstrates how it’s possible to grow leaders quickly and how you should align every individual’s work effort directly to the company’s vision and strategic plan to improve its bottom line.

Moreover, it captures the attention of a company’s decision-maker and allows them to discover that the leadership issues described are currently running rapid in their organization. It also suggests you can help them implement a solution to attain measurable results for their organization.

A Shift in The Approach of Dealing with Failure

Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in how companies deal with failures. They understand working on new initiatives has its risks; no one is fired for taking calculated risks while working on such projects. Furthermore, the definition of failure is also undergoing a subtle change. A few years ago, a product that wasn’t successful was instantly labeled as a failure, and there were likely to be consequences for the team. However, now companies are encouraging employees to experiment.

Leadership Is No Longer About Possessing Certain Personal Characteristics, But Rather About the Ability to Set Goals and Achieve Them.

In today’s uncertain and dynamic business environment, it doesn’t matter what characteristics leaders may or may not exhibit. According to the traditional, competency-based leadership model, leaders must possess a specific set of characteristics.

This thinking makes the task of training and developing new leaders quite unnerving. You need to identify the exact characteristics you want your leaders to exhibit and train them for those. If you grow the leadership qualities in people, this will impact organizational results.

Shifting leadership characteristics is a tricky and slow process, and no one has the time for it in today’s fast-paced business world. The solution is to shift the leadership paradigm. Instead of looking for some list of characteristics, expect your leaders to demonstrate the ability to get results.

It’s Time to Embrace A Result-Based Model of Leadership.

If organizations define what results are required, they can work on the people and processes to achieve those results.

The best way to institute this model is:

  • Step 1: Set clear goals through your organization’s strategic plan that are focused on your vision. This is where you should define the results you want from your leaders.
  • Step 2: Align the people and your organization’s processes to get those results so that all of your operations are linked to the plan. This will enable everything in your organization to work purposefully toward achieving your goals and realizing your vision.

With clear goals and processes designed to achieve them, you must commit to leadership development programs that aggressively grow people to deliver results, rather than embody some collection of characteristics. This can help you quickly and consistently achieve your vision of your company.

Take The Fail-Safe Leadership Assessment

Hiring a business consultant for a Fail-Safe Leadership Assessment can take your business to the next level. So if you want to get a quick assessment of the leadership quality within your organization, take 5 minutes to answer the questions in the assessment.

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