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In order to ensure that our network of Trusted Advisors acquires and maintains world-class coaching skills and techniques, we offer the Coaching Academy.

There are many Coaches in the business world today; however, most Coaches do not have a proven process to produce measurable and meaningful results for clients or a method for generating referrals for their business. Trusted Advisors client-centered approach is a critically important distinction setting us apart from many other coaching models and programs.

Working with clients for an extended period makes the Trusted Advisors process an exceptional foundation for individual coaching. In order to ensure that our network of Trusted Advisors acquire and maintain world-class coaching skills and techniques, we offer the Coaching Academy. Here are the details regarding the Trusted Advisors Coaching Academy and the commitment necessary to achieve certification.


The Academy is designed to take place over an eight-week period of time via videoconference. (The eight-week design does not include actual graduation.) With the exception of the first week, there are two calls per week. The first call each week focuses on the new learning modules for that week. The second call each week will provide practice opportunities and case studies. Please allow 1.5 hours for each call. As part of the graduation requirement, participants can miss no more than one group call, and no more than one breakout call.

coaching academy


In order to graduate, a participant must have …

  • Met the attendance requirements.
  • Completed and turned in all assigned fieldwork.
  • Sat for graduation and successfully scored at least 80% on the written final exam, and scored at least 70% on the live videotaped proficiency.
  • Submit the necessary documentation to show an academy graduate has coached you for at least three 30-minute sessions.


After a participant has successfully completed all of the above requirements for graduation from the Coaching Academy, a participant may apply for certification as a Certified Business Coach (C.B.C.). In order to receive this distinction, you must satisfy all of the following requirements within one year of graduation:

  • Submit a written case study.
  • Write an original article of at least 1000 words and have it accepted for publication. The subject matter must deal with coaching.
    • Furnish positive references from a minimum of five coaching clients, demonstrating the use of the Academy’s coaching methodology.
  • Submit evidence that you have coached a minimum of one future Academy participants.

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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process provides a format for identifying critical success factors and converting those factors into a plan creating measurable results.

People Development

The Trusted Change Agents’ people development processes are built on three key proven models; attitude and behavior development, skill improvement, and a proven goal accomplishment model.

Process Excellence

Help clients build process improvement into their businesses and operating processes by removing variability and/or non-value added steps.


Utilize organizational and personal assessments to understand what areas of an organization are working or not working together, and how to maximize the potential of individual performance.

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