Corporate America vs. Your Dream

Your dream has always been to have your own business. You envision yourself enjoying the flexibility and rewards of controlling your own destiny. BUT… you continue to stay in your current role because it feels safe. The thought of not having an ongoing paycheck and benefits is scary.

Corporate America creates a false sense of security. Most traditional roles are at the mercy of someone else. There are managers, bosses, boards, and other decisions makers who really control the security of your employment. There are many people who have experienced downsizing or right-sizing once, if not multiple times but continue to believe that a traditional job is the best next step in their career path. Companies make decisions based on the global landscape and what is best for the survival of the organization, not for each individual.

We have had the good fortune to help hundreds of professionals make the leap from Corporate America to their own consulting or coaching practice. If you are considering making a leap to your own business here are some important things to consider in your decision-making process.

Knowledge is Power: Whether you are considering consulting, a franchise, or starting your own painting company, research every detail. Good decisions are based on a foundation of information. Talk with others that have traveled the path before. Understand what has worked and what has not worked. In our experience being a lone ranger when starting your own business causes mistakes and experiences that waste critical resources: time and money.

Mitigate Your Risk: Your compiled research will help mitigate your risk but there are some additional things you can do. While you have a guaranteed salary put money aside for that proverbial rainy day. And as with all things in life, there is bound to be one. Also look for alignment opportunities that could provide support, a network of peers, and/or additional learning opportunities. Being in business for yourself doesn’t have to mean by yourself.

Life is too short: This is not a dress rehearsal and if having your own business is something you really want to do then do what is necessary to make it happen. Many people have successfully taken their professional experience and turned it into a business of value with flexibility, freedom, and profits.

Do you have what it takes to make it happen?

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