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As a non-tangible quality, productivity at the workplace can have many different meanings for different people.

However, one of the most important ways to see just how productive you or someone else is is by looking at how quickly you are able to accomplish your goals. If this relates to individual productivity then it is safe to say that the overall workplace productivity can be measured by how quickly a business is able to accomplish its goals.

It is safe to say that the higher the workplace productivity the better it is for a business. Additionally, most businesses are aiming for that margin as well.

Understanding Workplace Productivity

In proper terms, workplace productivity is meant to describe the overall work that your staff can do within certain hours. In short, the amount of labor cost in relation to the amount of time needed for a certain task.

Another simple way to understand your work productivity is to do some simple division – all you have to do is divide the output with the input. The input includes all labor costs, the hours, and other resources that were invested in this area.

Output relates to what you get – the fruits of your labor. Additionally, for different businesses, the measure of their workplace productivity can be different. It should also be noted that many business goals could often be tied in with workplace productivity. If the business is not productive, it cannot meet its goals.

Benefits of Workplace Productivity

Focusing on workplace productivity is important because it can have plenty of benefits for businesses. The following are some of the major ones that they can enjoy:

  • Better Services – When the company manages its resources properly and productively, it can improve the quality of its services and products. It also greatly reduces any wastage of the available resources.
  • Happier Consumers – With a better quality of services and products, the consumers are bound to be happy and are going to rely on the business even more. Customer loyalty, brand awareness, and marketing become easier and effective.
  • Higher Profits – Happy consumers and customer loyalty translates into a higher and better profit margin. Since resources are also being used productively, it means that the output will be higher than the input, as long as the input is able to maintain high standards of quality.
  • More Investors – Finding investors becomes easier for businesses that are productive and have higher profit margins. Investors can see that the business uses resources properly and they are more willing to invest in it.

These are only some of the benefits of workplace productivity that you will get to see once you start focusing on it.


Workplace productivity is a quality that is hard to define but once you understand it, very easy to aim for. A business that is productive can expect to double its profits, even if its input is lower than its output. Other benefits like finding investors, building consumer loyalty, and improving brand awareness all become easier with high productivity.

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