Do You Have Confidence?

do you have confidence

When Thomas Edison believed he had discovered the means by which a machine records and reproduces the sound of the human voice, he called in a model maker, gave him a rough pencil drawing of his idea, and asked that a working model be built.

The model maker looked at the drawing for a moment then exclaimed, “Impossible! You will never make that thing work.”

“What makes you think it won’t work?“ Edison asked.

“Because no one has ever made a machine that could talk,” exclaimed the model maker.

Edison could have accepted the verdict and given up his idea of a talking machine, but his mind didn’t work that way.

“Go ahead and build the model just like the drawing,” Edison demanded, “and let me be the loser if it doesn’t work.” The model was completed and to the great surprise of the model maker, it worked on the first test.

The subconscious section of the human mind has unlimited powers that every individual may tap into and direct toward any desired end. Yet, the method by which one may direct it is so simple that many people discount its workability. The subconscious can be directed by simply talking to it and giving it orders as if it were an invisible person standing ready with the power and the willingness to do whatever is requested of it.

The subconscious has one peculiar trait. It believes everything everyone tells it, and acts accordingly. It not only believes and acts upon one’s spoken words, it also believes in and acts upon one’s thoughts especially those thoughts that are highly emotionalized with either faith or fear.

The subconscious is also amenable to the repetition of thoughts and words. This trait is fortunate because it is the simple means by which one can put the subconscious to work on one’s behalf for any desired purpose. Use your subconscious to build your self-confidence and you will train your mind to serve you in everything you do. (Excerpts taken from Napolean Hill’s A Year of Growing Rich,

Do you have confidence? Confidence is a huge component of success no matter how you personally define success. Whether you are in sales, whether you have a consulting practice, no matter what you do professionally, confidence is a required driver. It is easy to let a bad day, a bad week, a missed sale, and a missed client get you down. However, your reaction to that bad day, bad week, missed sale, or missed client will ultimately define you. You will either create a series of attitudes that will focus on the next win and continue to foster your confidence, or you will create a series of attitudes that will focus on the negative outcomes.

It is so much easier to stay focused on the next win and continue to bolster your confidence rather than focusing on negativity because much of the world we operate in is built to support that negativity, very similar to the model maker’s response to Edison, “You will never make that work.”

Take some time to assess what your subconscious focuses on most of the time – is it Edison’s model of, it will work – a position of confidence, or the model maker’s of, this will never work – a position of negativity?

Do you have the confidence you need to be successful?

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