Do You Want To Jump Ship To Consulting?

Have you ever considered jumping from the corporate ship to your own consulting practice? Do you have a consulting practice and feel like you are stranded on an island with no support?

Corporate America has changed. Professionals tell us all of the time that their traditional roles are unfulfilling, lack challenge, and lack the ability to achieve their personal and financial goals. Here is another blog article you may want to check to decide if consulting is really for you. “Me” … A Consultant … Are You Sure?

Deciding to jump ship or if you have already jumped ship, can be a daunting process. Does having a business partner improve your chances of success? Many people defend that if you want to build a successful consulting business, having a partner makes a difference. We are not suggesting that creating a successful consulting practice alone is not possible, we are simply pointing out some of the benefits of a partnership. Why?

  • Two heads are typically better than one
  • Access to proven resources can save time and money
  • A network of peers for collaboration can be wildly beneficial
  • To be in business for yourself but not by yourself

And the list of benefits could go on …

In a recent poll, 60% of the participants voted that having a business partner improved their chances of success. Our history with our consultants proves this concept true as well. If you are considering jumping ship from corporate to consulting or perhaps you already have jumped ship, perhaps investigating a consulting partnership makes sense.

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