Do you want your customers to feel valued? Here are a few effective tips that will help your business become a customer favorite!


Customers feel loyalty towards businesses that make them feel valued. That is why it’s important to focus on the customer-value aspect of your business. Here are a few tips and methods for increasing value for your customers!

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts is one of the quickest ways to gain new customers. However, you can use discounts to show appreciation for your regular and loyal customers. Consider offering special discounts to high-spending and frequent customers. You can also offer small complimentary products or services for your regular customers. Discounts and free stuff are a sure fire way to make your customers feel valued while also boosting your sales.

Launch a Loyalty Program

Customer surveys have shown that people are more likely to recommend and re-visit a business that offers a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are especially effective in the retail industry. They allow you to show gratitude for your customer’s loyalty while also making sure that they keep returning to your business. There are different types of customer loyalty programs, such as:

Perk-based programs: With this structure, you can offer small benefits to all your customers.

Point-based programs: With this program, customers will get points for each of their purchases. Once they have a certain number of points, they’ll be able to avail of special discounts on their future purchases.

Tier-based programs: in this program, customers receive benefits according to the level of their membership. By purchasing more, they get advanced to higher levels and thus, receive bigger benefits and discounts.

Special offers

You can also give special gifts or thank you notes to your loyal customers. Consider offering free new products or a special level of service for such customers. Some examples of special offers include free delivery, same-day delivery, after-hour services, assigning personal managers.

Share High-Quality Content

Another great way of creating value for your customers is to share high-quality content with them. Value-driven content makes your customers rely on you for the latest information on the newest products in the market. Consider creating content such as tutorials, reviews, infographics, informative articles, recommendations, educational videos, etc.

You can share this content via email, newsletters, your blog, social media, or podcasts. High-quality content keeps your customers engaged with your brand even when they are not shopping from you.

Ask for feedback

It is very, very important to ask for feedback from your customers. It will help you identify the areas that you need to improve. Make sure you respond to your customers’ queries as soon as possible. You can use emails, surveys, or quizzes to get feedback from your customers.

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