A Proven Way To Generate Clients

We have a time-tested approach for client generation that has over 40 years of proven results.

We know the number one concern for most Consultants and Coaches is how to best generate clients consistently and maintain a sustainable approach.

In our experience, this is true for both professionals taking the leap from corporate and for someone who has an existing practice. We are keenly aware and understand that generating clients is the driving force behind your business revenue.

First Step: Getting in the Door

When you decide to partner with Trusted Advisors, the first thing you will do is start working with your personal coach to begin defining your market niche to determine what types of clients you want to be working with – it can be industry specific or general, geographically specific, coaching professionals one-on-one, consulting with organizations, and so on as there is no right or perfect answer. The best answer will be dependent on your background, experience, and your business goals moving forward as a successful Consultant or Coach.

client generation

After your market niche has been defined, Trusted Advisors will help you determine the best way to create relationships with potential decision makers who may have a defined need for your services. We have found the key is creating a detailed marketing plan outlining activities which will determine where those identified decision makers can be found. We will help you, step-by-step, to create a plan based on what is currently working in our network and customized to your goals.

The marketing activities can be any combination of approaches – networking, speaking, social media, web strategies, as well as many others. What you decide to implement is based on your style, your market niche, and your goals. We have created a library of marketing tools which support this process of creating value in the eyes of decision makers. Once you establish value, they will be compelled to meet with you to discuss their opportunities and/or challenges.

landing the client

Next Step - Landing the Client

After your marketing activities are successful and you are generating in-person meetings with your identified decision makers, Trusted Advisors have created additional tools to help make your needs assessment discussions quickly lead to a defined ROI (return on investment) for your potential client. Using our proven proposal process, you will able to show financial viability for the project therefore turning that potential client into a paying client. Most of our Trusted Advisors, who are focusing on their businesses as a full-time endeavor, are typically working with 4 to 6 clients at any given time.

The Trusted Advisors’ implementation model is an innovative take on the traditional consultative project model. Our model allows our Consultants and Coaches to work with multiple clients simultaneously instead of the more traditional model which would require you to be on site until a single project reaches completion. Most of our Consultants are consulting inside organizations based on an identified project as well as coaching professionals one-on-one. This creates two distinct revenue streams which leads to business sustainability and a higher percentage of repeat business and referrals.

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What You Get When You Partner With Us

The Value of A National Network

Create strong credibility by connecting yourself with a network that has over 40 years of experience in coaching and consulting.

Continuous Support

A Trusted Advisors team member is just a phone call or email away when someone in our network needs help with marketing, pricing, proposals, and every other aspect of running a successful consulting or coaching practice.

A Library of Client Tools

As a Consultant or Coach who is affiliated with Trusted Advisors you have access to a library of tools that are proven to achieve measurable results.

Branding Resources

At Trusted Advisors, we have team members who will help you build your own unique brand, build your website, and brand marketing materials for your business.

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