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Our time-tested processes are currently helping over 225 Consultants and Coaches turn their professional experience into thriving and sustainable consulting or coaching practices.

As a consultant or coach who is affiliated with Trusted Advisors, you have access to a library of tools. These tools are created for our consultants to use in their client work and are proven to achieve measurable results.

They are fully customizable to tailor results specific to each of your clients. Our consultants tell us the existing tools save them valuable time and allow them to focus on getting their clients the results they need. We have created tools that focus on the critical areas of every organization: strategy, people development, process excellence, and customer loyalty.

Our consultants and coaches appreciate the Trusted Advisors’ commitment to keep the tools and services current and relevant and they equally appreciate the ability to be part of that continuous improvement process. We continually work with task forces of our existing consultants and coaches to make sure we are incorporating real time field experience into any new tool or revised tool. Our consultants and coaches get to tell us what their clients need.

As well as being fully tailorable based your clients’ specific needs, our tools are available in hard copy format or a web-based LMS system which was built internally. Our existing Consultants and Coaches love that they do not have to reinvent anything because the existing tools (as will future tools) have a track record of getting results. We are committed to updating the existing tools regularly as well as continuing to build new tools based on what our Consultants and Coaches tell us they need in order to effectively serve their clients.

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Our Tools

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process provides a format for identifying critical success factors and converting those factors into a plan creating measurable results.

People Development

The Trusted Change Agents’ people development processes are built on three key proven models; attitude and behavior development, skill improvement, and a proven goal accomplishment model.

Process Excellence

Help clients build process improvement into their businesses and operating processes by removing variability and/or non-value added steps.


Utilize organizational and personal assessments to understand what areas of an organization are working or not working together, and how to maximize the potential of individual performance.

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