Results vs. Change

Results and change

So many conversations in business are about results. It doesn’t matter what level of the organization you are working in, there is always a list of desired results that are expected to happen and need to take place in a predetermined time frame.

Typically when a business engages with a consultant or a coach it is because the current results don’t match the expected or desired results. Typically the business is so focused on the desired results; they become so close to the situation, they miss the changes that need to take place in order for the improved results to happen.

This is a great quote by John Dixon, “If you focus on results you will never change, if you focus on change you will get results.” At first blush the difference between results and change seems like no big deal, and even though the difference appears subtle, the difference is quite powerful. By their very own definitions you can start to see the power.

Result: a consequence, effect, or outcome of something 

Change: make or become different

A result is a consequence (interesting word choice in the dictionary) or an outcome, where as change is to become different. So based on the theory of this article, if you want different or improved results you need to become different. To make or become different is more of an internal process whereas results is perhaps more of an external measurement.

When businesses find their results challenged, many times outside sources are quickly evaluated to see why the results are faltering as opposed to first looking internally to evaluate what needs to change internally to drive different results.

Do they have the right people on the project?

Do the people on the project clearly understand the objective and do they have the resources to make it happen?

Are the right business processes in place to support the desired outcomes?

The list of internal questions about what needs to be changed to drive results is endless and will be industry specific.

So, too it is with individuals. Typically if something is going awry with our professional or personal goals, we have a tendency to first look to outside sources as to why our desired results are not where we want them to be and we start pointing fingers. It would be different if this didn’t happen, etc. as opposed to taking a long look within ourselves and determining what internal changes need to happen in order to positively impact our personal results.

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