Scared of Starting Your Own Business? Worried You Won’t Succeed?

Scared to start your own business

Starting your own business requires a leap of faith in your own abilities; however, fear can get in the way of that leap. Fear is, essentially, an emotional response when we perceive a threat. Fear of starting your own business may not provide the same level of intensity as listening to someone break into your home or fearing that an important person in your life won’t pull through a major surgery. However, the fear of starting your own business is equally as real.

If you believe you have value to bring to a defined market niche of customers, then you need to manage the fears and push forward. Take the mental approach that your future customers need you; therefore it is your responsibility to push the fear aside and make this business happen. Here are three helpful facts to keep in mind.

  1. Fears are Common.

Everyone experiences fear at some time or another. Do not judge yourself harshly if you are afraid. Your fear indicates that you are stretching yourself, which is a good thing. Don’t shrink from your fears or wallow in them – confront the situations and people you fear. Use the adrenaline they produce to motivate you to action. When you exercise control over fears, you are exercising one of your greatest personal powers … the power to choose.

  1. Fears are often unfounded.

We typically believe that the object of our fear can do more harm to us than it actually can. President Roosevelt’s famous words, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” accurately describes most situations. Examine the source of your fear and consider the worst that could happen if it became a reality. Then, plan how you will minimize the risk and potential damage.

  1. Fears are thoughts.

You have tremendous power to control your thoughts. Replace fearful thinking with positive thinking. Saturate your mind with your dreams and goals. Focus on all the positive success and outcomes that can be generated by starting your own business. Remember that confronting fear is a sign of progress and a valuable learning experience.

So let’s assume success, and you decide to pull the trigger and start your own business. Now what typically sets in is worry. You worry about everything: did you make the right decision, what if this doesn’t succeed, what will happen three months from now, what happens if…?

Worry is a state of mind which is also derived from fear. Worry can stifle your initiative, self-confidence, and the ability to reason. Be alert to what your mind is thinking. If you start to worry, nip it in the bud. One way to undermine worry is to stop feeding it. Passivity feeds worry, action starves worry. Don’t sit behind your desk and lament on what will happen if … get up, harness the energy worry generates, and begin taking goal-directed actions.

Remember, worry is a useless exercise that accomplishes nothing. Short circuit worry by focusing your mind on what you can control, rather than what you can’t.

things you can control

Follow the advice of the graphic – spend your time and energy focused on what you can control and what you can influence. Give yourself permission to not worry about the areas that you can’t control. Giving yourself permission is a liberating experience. Make decisions about your new business and act upon them with persistence, speed, and determination. Concentrate on your business goals and objectives, so your mind won’t have time to worry.

Starting your own business is a big step, but as with any major accomplishment in life, put the fears aside and just go do it! It will be worth it in the end!

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