Organizational and personal assessments are utilized to understand what areas of an organization are working or not working together, and how to maximize the potential of individual performance.

Organizational Assessments

D.I.AL.O.G which stands for Data Indicating ALignment of Organizational Goals is a web-based, organizational assessment tool that provides our network of Consultants and Coaches and their clients data driven information on how the organizational elements are working or not working together in their organization. Then, our Consultants use the employee driven data to help the client identify areas of improvement and create implementation plans for future growth. Trusted Advisors’ proprietary assessment gives our Advisors a unique ability to obtain usable data paramount to the success of their client engagements.

Here is a one page overview of our D.I.AL.O.G. Assessment:​

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Personal Assessments

Understanding the What, Why, and How of Individual Performance

Attribute Index Assessment

The What - Attribute Index 

Growing human capital should be a top priority for all organizations. Our Advisors help their clients maximize this important asset of human capital by identifying and understanding the unique talents of the organization's workforce. Unique to Attribute Index is its ability to assess the way an individual makes decisions and interacts with the world around them as well as how the individual perceives themselves.. Unlike any other instrument in the assessment marketplace, this tool has a direct relationship with deductive science allowing it to accurately rank personal attributes describing the individual's potential for performance. 

DISC Index Assessment

The How - DISC Index 

Our Advisors have access to the most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s groundbreaking work of understanding and measuring a person’s natural and adaptive behavior style. With the invention of the first ever click-and-drag instrument, the DISC index generates reports ten-times as varied and individualized. 

Values Index Assessment

The Why - Values Index

Our Consultants or Coaches also have access to a Values Index that combines the work of Dr. Spranger and Dr. Alport into a single assessment delivering the world’s most comprehensive understanding of a person’s value structure or their motivational style. Our Trusted Advisors use this tool to help their clients understand their employees' motivation, passion, and drive. 

Here are one page overviews of our Personal Assessments:​

Our Tools

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process provides a format for identifying critical success factors and converting those factors into a plan creating measurable results.

People Development

The Trusted Change Agents’ people development processes are built on three key proven models; attitude and behavior development, skill improvement, and a proven goal accomplishment model.

Process Excellence

Help clients build process improvement into their businesses and operating processes by removing variability and/or non-value added steps.


Utilize organizational and personal assessments to understand what areas of an organization are working or not working together, and how to maximize the potential of individual performance.

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