The Need For Consultants Continues To Rise

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Have you ever thought about leveraging your extensive professional experience into your own consulting practice? So many professionals who leave Corporate, whether by choice or by force, often look for new paths to share their knowledge and expertise. Creating a consulting practice is a great way to share your experience with multiple clients at the same time while creating a much stronger control of your professional and personal destiny.

Statistically, the consulting field has grown an average of 8% each year from 2015 to 2019, with similar projections for 2020 before the close of this year. Based on our experience in the consulting field, we project that there will be an even higher increase in 2021. 

The world we live in and the way we do business has forever changed in 2020. Over 90% of the C-Suite labor force do the front lines work within small to medium-sized companies. Many of these companies were ill-equipped and unprepared to deal with anything, such as the magnitude of the pandemic. Even if an organization was good at strategic planning, team development, process improvement, and creating loyal customers before our experiences of 2020, they have been presented with a whole new playing field. Many organizations are simply whirling from the events to date and are concerned about what is to come while the success and the profitability of their business hang in the balance.

Aligning with an outside resource, a consultant, for ideas, strategies, thoughts, and action steps is a smart move by any senior leadership or management team. If you have thought about pursuing the path of consulting, we believe you are on the precipice of a golden opportunity to help and make a difference.

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