The Value of Stories

Value of stories

Many people think in pictures, so whenever you can share information through the form of a story, the ideas being shared often resonate at a higher level. A survey was conducted to determine which method dominates the way people think. Of the 33 people we heard from, 13 responded pictures, 15 responded words, and 5 said both. Success stories and case studies are a great way to share the value of an idea, a concept, or a new thought process. In a recent blog, we shared a consulting success story in the pharmaceutical industry

Today we are taking you to the trucking industry.

Client: Niche division of an international freight/trucking company, $275 million in revenue, publicly held.

CEO has identified three senior level managers for future executive leadership positions and he’s made the commitment to provide the resources necessary to help them acquire the skills needed in order to advance.

Using appropriate diagnostics, a customized one-on-one coaching process was created for each of the three individuals directly addressing their strengths and needed areas of improvement. Subject areas included concepts of leadership, executive leadership, strategic planning, and business development.


  • Each of the individuals made tremendous strides in both personal and professional development.
  • Each has been promoted into an executive leadership position within the company.
  • The company also benefited. It recovered all of their losses from economic downturn and is on track to meet financial goals.

Employee specifics:

Employee #1 is running an entire business unit within division. CEO is blown away at how she has been able to double revenue within 8 months.

Employee #2 wrote her own personal and professional strategic plan and proposed to the CEO the role she wanted to play and shared the ROI. Doubled revenue and had a huge impact on customer retention and growth.

Employee #3 was a 25-year employee feeling stuck in his position. The process got him unstuck, and he now runs largest department within division.

Consulting can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling professional path while providing you with a high level of life balance and financial freedom.

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