What Do You Do When You Get Discouraged?

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Having your own business can be a rewarding opportunity. Controlling your professional destiny allows many to accomplish their goals and objectives more quickly with a positive impact on their families with life balance. As with every opportunity or professional path not every day turns out exactly as you planned, and it can be easy for discouragement to set in. We work with a network of consultants who enjoy the freedom of having their practice but they are certainly not immune to the “bad day.” When you are on your own it is far easier for discouragement to set in and it’s then you start questioning whether you are on the best path. Fortunately in their alignment with Trusted Advisors, they have a network and a support team to collaborate, brainstorm, and in some cases (let’s be real) commiserate. However the power of the network and support provides ideas and experiences that manages the discouragement and keeps the downtime to a minimum helping them get refocused on the goals and the outcomes of their business. 

Consulting is a growing industry. We talked about some of the recent statistics and trends in a previous blog entitled – “Me” … A Consultant, Are You Sure? If you have not had the opportunity to read it, here is a link to check it out. 


If you having a tough day and discouragement is setting in, here is a link to a list of 37 quotes put together by Inc. Take a look because one or two might be the antidote you need!

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